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Pronounced Fung Shway, we can easily define it as the Chinese Art of Placement...which is an answer that will satisfy most inquiring minds.  I prefer to delve a little deeper and simply say that Feng Shui is about harmonizing our lives with the forces of Nature.  As R.D. Chin, a Feng Shui Consultant, points out “The first fundamental principle of feng shui is integration with nature ... Harmony with the environment is a very important aspect of feng shui.”  Literally translated Feng Shui is a Chinese term meaning “wind and water,” predating Confucianism and Taoism, and has been practiced for over three thousand years in China. 

Today, as a practitioner, my challenge and joy is to balance the meridians or pathways of Ch’i (vital life force energy) in our homes and offices to help my clients achieve desired results. These results may include to have more harmony, support and abundance in their lives.  I work closely with my clients, their space and the elements to create a sanctuary for their soul...a place for family and friends to feel welcomed and embraced by.

I also work with architects, interior designers and contractors to help design a home or commercial building based upon Feng Shui principals and elements.  

In addition to New England, I travel throughout the country and also can facilitate long distance consultations.

I work with my clients in several different capacities.  Here are some of the more popular options:

Interior Alignment: An “IA” consultation is the fastest way to bring about a shift in your space. The “IA” incorporates an in-depth interview with all parties involved in the space, an Intention Setting Ceremony, a Ch’i Clearing and a Feng Shui Consultation. This is an interactive consultation and the client is encouraged to participate in the ceremony and clearing in order to maximize the Feng Shui Effects.  

Feng Shui Consultation:   This consists of an interview, floor plan analysis, analysis of the approach to the home, recommendations for enhancing Ch’i, clutter relief, furniture placement and personal element balancing. 

Ch’i Clearing:  This consists of an Intention Setting Ceremony and a clearing of the energy in your space.  Helpful for clearing stagnant and old energy and revitalizing the Ch’i of the space. 

Blessing or Releasing Ceremony:  This is a wonderful way to bring your intention into a space new to you (new home, office or newly renovated space).  This is also highly recommended as a way to release your energy from a space in the event that you are moving, or someone has moved out and you need to “move on.”

Feng Shui for the Single Guy or Gal: Are you transitioning into a new space...moving out of a home and perhaps starting all over and don’t know where to begin?  Dana will help you set up your space and then be your personal shopper to make sure that you have everything you need to start your new life in your new space.  Start yourself off right knowing that everything is purchased with the intention to get you going in your new surrounds and in the new chapter of your life.

Fine Tuning:  This is for when you have experienced a Feng Shui consultation, made the recommended enhancements and changes, and are ready to take your life to the next level.  

On-Going Support:  Clients are encouraged to keep me up to date with their life improvements and changes.  I always welcome email contact and will respond within 2-5 days, unless I am traveling and away from my email.